About Evaelena

I am an artist and my natural curiosity and love of research and has resulted in my evaelena store. My shop started a few years ago on etsy with a big art project I was doing on the concept of place. I started collecting vintage souvenir spoons for the work which then got me onto looking at other vintage things and the shop just grew from there. I love the hunt to find something beautiful or interesting and I love the backstory of vintage.

I have been selling vintage on etsy and ebay for a few years now and what I love besides the hunt for interesting items to list is the pleasure I get from posting something special to a customer.

I buy from auctions, markets, garage sales and thrift stores both in Australia and when I travel, plus I have a very large personal collection of just about everything that I am now slowly reducing! I only ever buy things that I personally like - my curatorial premise is that it must be beautiful, interesting, significant, quirky or well crafted...and so it is always a wrench when it comes to the time of listing each of my treasures. 

I work from my studio at home which is a converted warehouse in the inner west of Sydney with the assistance of my twin rescue cross terriers Lulu and Finn whose job description includes under desk management, paper shredding, security for post office visits and power nap enforcers.