Vintage mid century Crown Ducal art deco yellow ribbed milk jug, yellow ceramic pitcher


Vintage art deco yellow ribbed milk jug, yellow ceramic pitcher

I must have a thing for yellow jugs- I am always bidding for them at auctions- this is my latest- beautiful proportions, round and heavy with a nice ribbed body and that sunny happy yellow- a must for the kitchen table at breakfast or put flowers in it to light up a corner in the room. Made by Crown Ducal AGR

In very good condition - perfect condition except for a tiny sliver of a chip on the very inner top edge of the rim- its the little black line in the picture above. Doesn't leak.

14cm (5 1/2") high X 15cm (6") across its widest.

Holds a little more than 1/2 litre or 1 pint of liquid.

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